Happy people on top of a mountain

Maritime snow pack and one of the snowiest places in Europe

Located roughly 85 km from Mediterranean sea the snow pack resembles that of Alaska. The Prokletije is overall the wettest area of Europe. In the village of Boga, precipitation is 3,033 millimetres. At higher elevations snow is found most of the time even in the summer. In the winter some villages in Albanian part of Prokletije are completely cut off from the rest of the world for months due to the very heavy snow.

Helicopter drop off on top of a mountain in Albanian Alps

Untouched and unskied terrain

Our terrain spreads over 1500 square kilometers, with 9 different zones. The Prokletije area is a subrange of the 1,000 km long Dinaric Alps. The Prokletije are a typical high mountain range with a pronounced steep topography and glacial features. Maximum relief differences of 1800 meters are found in the Valbona- our base, Grbaja and Ropojani and Cijevna Valley. Overhanging walls and ridges forming pointed peaks are typical of the western and central Prokletije. The eastern mountains are less rugged with lower relief. Most of the area was modified by glacial activity with karstic areas in the western parts. Rugged karstic terrain works favourable for anchoring snow but presents specific dangers. Our guides are very familiar with this kind of terrain as it is found also at their home mountain range - The Julian Alps.

A lot of snow in Prokletije mountain range

Europe's southernmost glaciers

Today on the shady northern slopes of the Prokletije, there are at least five active glaciers that formed during the late Holocene period, and some inactive glaciers between 1,980 and 2,420 meters high.The valleys of Ropojani, Grbaja and Valbona were carved by miles of glaciers during the last Ice Age. A recent report from geographers details the discovery of four previously unknown glaciers in the Albanian part of the Prokletije range at 1980–2100 m high, found in the area close to Maja e Jezerces- our closest operating area above Valbona valley. The glaciers, the largest of which is currently the size of six football pitches, vary in size every year according to the amount of winter snowfall and temperatures during the following summer.The presence of these glaciers, the southernmost in Europe, at altitudes well below the regional snow line highlights the importance of local controls on glacier development.

Prokletije mountain range

How to get there

Where to fly?

There are three options where to fly:

  • Pristina, Kosovo – 180 km and about 3 h drive from airport to Valbona valley. Have in mind border crossing between Kosovo and Albania.

  • Skopje, Macedonia – 225 km - about 4 h drive from the airport to Valbona valley. You will cross the borders between Macedonia, Kosovo and Albania.

  • Tirana, Albania – 300 km and about 4.30 h drive from airport to Valbona valley. Have in mind border crossing between Albania and Kosovo.

Transfers from and back to the airport

Best option is to get a taxi at the airport. We can organize a transfer for you with some of our trusted taxi drivers. We do not recommend taking a rental car because you don't really need to use your car at any time of your stay. It is for sure a more expensive option then taking a taxi. Prices vary between 150€ - 250€ per transfer depending on where you fly to and what kind of car you choose.